International Growth

Ray Hays and his wife Meaghan Hays are the owners of Envoy Investments LLC, which has divisions that include Envoy Marketing and Envoy Franchising, which offer services to growing small businesses. Envoy Investments LLC website:  www.envoyinvestments.com

Going global is not just for big business!

Small business owners often assume that global markets are out of their reach. The fact is that 89% of U.S. companies that export are small businesses.

Those who know me know that I am passionate about international business. I enjoy helping small businesses to launch their international expansion from the bottom up, or coaching experienced exporters to grow their international revenues.

How to I help companies to go global?

  • Partner Searches — In most cases, a small business will need to find the right international partners to succeed in global markets. I have worked to identify new partners in dozens of countries worldwide.
  • International Due Diligence — Finding any international partner is easy, but finding a partner who is reliable and right for your business is key to your success overseas. I can work with you on a 4-step process of due diligence to identify the partner that best fits your business goals.
  • International Partner Strategy — What is the right business model for your international partnerships? Agents? Vendors? Distributorships? Licensees? Franchisees? Joint Ventures? I will help you to create a road map for your international growth, ensuring that you pick the best strategy and markets for your success.
  • Negotiating the Agreement — Depending on the type of international partnership, the commercial agreement may range from very simple to extremely complex. I will work with you to simplify the administrative issues, and to negotiate a win-win agreement for long-term growth.
  • Launch and Growth — Establishing an international agreement is only the first step. I work with companies to properly launch their global business relationships and to provide alliance management for long-term growth.

Free counseling session… Drop me an email, and let’s set up a time to chat about your business. If I can’t help, I’ll try to refer you to another small business professional who can.

Ray serves as Senior Director for Edwards Global Services (EGS), which manages the global expansion of international franchises and licensed concepts. He also is a member of Growth Nation, a leading Arizona business growth consulting group.



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