Ray Hays and his wife Meaghan Hays own Envoy Franchising a division of Envoy Investments LLC.  See the Envoy Franchising website to for more details on services offered: http://envoyinvestments.com/franchising.html

What makes the franchise model so appealing?

Franchising is a proven business model to expand on a national and global scale. In the U.S. alone, the numbers are staggering:

  • Over 825,000 U.S. businesses are franchises.
  • Franchising provides more than 18 million U.S. jobs.
  • Franchising contributes over $2.1 trillion to the U.S. economy.

If we extend these numbers to a worldwide level, franchised businesses play a key role in the global economy. The advantages are clear.

  • Using successful and replicable business models, franchise owners have lower failure rates than independently owned businesses.
  • Franchises are a proven system for rapid growth across many markets.
  • Franchise systems rely on the dedication and funding of local business owners, which limits the capital risk for the franchise system as a whole.
  • Franchises offer small businesses owners certain advantages, including economies-of-scale, business support, training, tools and branding.

How can I help you to succeed through franchising?

For Franchisors:

  • Launching new franchise concepts
  • Assisting franchisors to improve franchisee performance
  • Outsourced U.S. franchise recruiting services
  • Managing international franchise development programs
  • Click here to see other service related to International Growth.

For Franchisees:

  • Working with prospective entrepreneurs to decide if franchising is right for them.
  • Helping prospective franchisees to identify the best franchise concept for their success.
  • Click here to see other services related to Small Business Consulting.

I have over 20 years of franchise experience, including franchise development and franchise operations support. I know the good, the bad and the ugly of franchising. Franchising provides some excellent business opportunities, but it also has some pitfalls and risks. I work as a guide to help businesses to successfully navigate the world of franchising.

Free counseling session… Drop me an email, and let’s set up a time to chat about your business. If I can’t help, I’ll try to refer you to another small business professional who can.

Ray serves as Senior Director for Edwards Global Services (EGS), which manages the global expansion of international franchises and licensed concepts. He also is a member of Growth Nation, a leading Arizona business growth consulting group.



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