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Good news from one of the most important U.S. service export sectors!

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Nicole Y. Lamb-Hale is the Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services in the International Trade Administration.

For some Americans, the phrase travel and tourism simply brings to mind family road-trips, Caribbean vacations, and foreign tourists at Disneyland. For me it brings to mind the successful business model of economic growth and job creation we support at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration.

In January of 2012, President Obama charged the Departments of Commerce and Interior with developing and presenting to him a National Travel & Tourism Strategy. The strategy, delivered in May 2012, is the first federal government-wide travel and tourism strategy and is already bearing fruit.

Last year, the travel and tourism industry contributed nearly $1.4 trillion to the U.S. GDP and provided more than 7.5 million jobs for American workers. In 2012, the…

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Could franchising be the future of Australian Medical Care?

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American franchise BrightStar Care® targets Australia with a unique medical business model

When you think of healthcare, franchising does not immediately come to mind. Drive through clinics? Franchised hospitals? Not likely, but the home healthcare and medical staffing sector is ripe for franchise growth. One highly awarded U.S. franchise company, BrightStar Care, proved that quality home healthcare and medical staffing works very well as a franchised concept.

BrightStar’s proof is in the numbers. With a 3-year revenue growth rate of 433%, BrightStar is the most successful medical franchise in the U.S.  BrightStar Care was ranked in the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private American companies from 2009 to 2011, and it is currently ranked #54 of the fastest-growing private U.S. health sector companies. With a field of thousands of U.S. franchise concepts, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked BrightStar Care #21 in their list of the Fastest-Growing Franchises for 2012.

Franchises are not new in the care sector. Over the last decade, multiple countries have experienced a boom in non-medical care franchises. However, non-medical services by definition do not cross the line into licensed medical care. This is where BrightStar Care broke the mold.
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BrightStar has about 250 agencies that offer a range of services, including medical staffing, home healthcare/ home nursing, as well as non-medical care at home.  Among home healthcare and medical staffing services, BrightStar is the first to successfully franchise these services on a national scale. By comparison, non-franchised home healthcare or medical staffing companies tend to remain confined to local or regional markets without the national scalability and rapid time-to-market that the BrightStar franchise offers.

Of course, Australia and U.S. healthcare markets differ in many ways. To become a successful player in Australia, BrightStar clearly understands that it will need to adapt its business model to fit the Australia market. For this reason, BrightStar is seeking a Master Licensee, who brings the local healthcare sector know-how and market experience to localize the business model and build a true Australia brand leader.

BrightStar’s Master Licensee in Australia will have the flexibility to open Master-owned locations or sell franchises into select markets. Depending on the Master Licensee’s expansion strategy, the total capital required will be in the range of AUD $500,000 to $1,000,000.

BrightStar Care is represented by franchise management firm EGS LLC., based in California. To arrange a meeting in Sydney on 5-6 February or in Melbourne 7-8 February, please contact the EGS representative:

Ray Hays
Email: rhays@edwardsglobal.com